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2.10. Manage your Dated Docs / Newsletters / Council Minutes

Use PDF Files

All PDF documents should be added to your Document Library.  Newsletters and Minutes are slightly different because their name is not the most important identifier - the date which they occur is.

Match File Dates

When uploading this information it is recommended to ensure the date of the document is the date of the article.  For example Minutes from June 3, 2008 would use June 3, 2008 for the date so that a user could easily search and retrieve the information.

Consistent Document Names

When uploading your council minutes, choose a short but descriptive term for your file and include the date of document IN the file name.  Follow this example "Council Minutes 2007/03/30"

By including the term Council Minutes, when creating a link to all the files in your document library you will quickly be able to find the council minutes vs the organization minutes etc.

By using the naming convention "year/month/day" yyyy/mm/dd when the files are displayed they will auto sort alphabetically thereby displaying in ascending order by default.  If you wrongly name your files August 2008, then August will display before January (A before J).


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