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2.7. Mailbox Full

Are you receiving error messages that your email / mailbox is full?

If  you log into http://webmail.townlife.com you can really see where your storage is being used.


Mailbox Full: Solutions

Now that we know what space is used, you have a couple options:

1) REMOVE EMAILS by purging or deleting folders that you no longer require (Usually the Trash/Spam/Sent folders are the easiest to empty without impacting your work.)

Note: If you would like we can automatically remove emails from your folders automatically after x days, for example you may save space by removing emails in your Trash and Sent after 90 days. This would help free space (it takes about a day for the first rule to run, and continue to manage your space into the future).

2) ADD MORE SPACE to your mailbox, space is only $1/GB/month, simply let our helpdesk know you would like to be upgraded.


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